Ingles Go 4 It is a language travel agency which specialises in arranging English courses and work experience for overseas students around the UK and Ireland. We are a young company but we have a strong record of customer satisfaction. We are always looking for friendly people who would like to welcome a guest into their home or business for a few weeks. Apart from the extra income, our hosts enjoy great company, great cooking (!) and great experiences with our students.


Why should you host for Ingles Go4It?

  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Plenty of information about prospective guests. Our students tend to be well educated, friendly, mature people
  • You will have the opportunity to get to know the student via email or Skype before their visit.
  • Flexible opportunities throughout the year; you will only be asked to host a student if it is convenient for you.
  • We can provide several references from previous and current hosts. You can see for yourself how much we care about our hosts and our students.

Will you be asked to cook for my guests?

  • We offer flexible packages based on the needs of the student and of the host. You can choose to provide a room only, bed and breakfast or half board. Rates of pay will depend on the meals offered.

What do we expect from our hosts?

  • Sometimes our students are, understandably, nervous about staying with a family they don’t know. For us it is essential that our students are made to feel welcome and comfortable during their stay and that you help them in whatever way you can. Our students respond with whole-hearted gratitude and affection, and will often cook meals for you or return your hospitality by inviting you to visit them in their home countries. Our placements have formed the basis of lasting friendships between students and host families.

What kind of people are we looking for?


Requirements: All hosts should have a current CRB/DBS certificate.

If you’d like to join our big family, feel free to drop us a line with any questions you might have.

References: If you would like to know more about hosting with us, we will be happy to put you in contact with current or previous hosts.

Locations: As you can see from our map, we work with a large number of language schools around the UK and Ireland. However, if you don’t live near one of our destinations, don’t worry! We often find placements for students in other locations, so if you don’t live near one of our partner schools, you could still welcome a student into your home.